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8 months ago

How to Sleep Comfortably Using a CPAP Machine for Sleep Apnea

Waking up with dry mouth or throat

If you breathe through your mouth, you may wake up with a dry mouth or a sore throat. If this is the case, you can get a chin strap to help you breathe through your nose only. You may also consider getting a full face mask that covers the nose and the mouth if you cannot breathe through your nose due to chronic congestion.

Otherwise, it might have to do with the humidity. Getting a CPAP machine with a humidifier will help. Adjust the humidity settings higher and higher until you no longer wake up with a dry mouth.

Waking up with sinus congestion or pressure

Sinus congestion or pressure is probably due to your humidifier setting. Try adjusting it up or down until you find the setting that is best for you. You may even try to eliminate the humidifier altogether. If you have COPD, Chronic Bronchitis, Asthma, Chronic Rhinitis or other respiratory problems, you may find that a BiPap or Bi-level machine works better for you.

CPAP Mask is causing irritation or sores

The first thing you want to check is that you have a good fit on your mask. Make sure you purchased the right size, and adjusted it properly to your face. After that, especially if you are using nasal pillows, you may find some irritation in your nose. Try using a water-based lubricant to act as a barrier between your skin and the pillows. If this is happening after you have had the mask for a while, you may need to clean it thoroughly or replace it.

Waking up with dry eyes

Covering your eyes with an eye mask will keep your eyes protected from the air leaks and air from the machine.

8 months ago

The Effects Of Septoplasty Turbinate Surgery On CPAP Therapy

One outcome: The Help America Vote Act of 2002, which authorized $three.9 billion in federal funds for trading in punch-card and lever techniques with both e-voting or optical scan systems. Your Sleep Doctor will be capable of advise you of how to go about hiring or buying a CPAP machine and associated equipment. If you are unable to afford your individual CPAP machine, it's possible you'll be eligible to acquire a machine by means of the Queensland Health CPAP Machine Scheme. SNORE Australia recommends that once you are established on CPAP therapy, you need to be reassessed every 12 - 18 months. Bi-Degree Optimistic Air Strain (BPAP) machines have a different stress setting during inspiration (inhaling) in comparison with expiration (respiration out).

Numerous various kinds of masks can be found to choose from, meaning that patients can preserve trying until they find the appropriate masks for them. Fashionable CPAP Machines South Africa CPAP machines now additionally characteristic humidifiers which preserve the air that's passed down the windpipe more humid, stopping unwelcome unwanted side effects resembling nose bleeds, sore throats and normal dryness. Moreover, the discomfort caused by the pressurised air itself has been addressed with the event of CPAP machines with varying stress so that over the first hour or so of use the air pressure gradually builds up to full energy, allowing the patient to comfortably fall asleep first.

PRODUCT PARTICULARS:~ This sale is for ten individually packaged Micro organism Viral filters from CareFusion that helps stop the viruses and bacteria that often plague CPAP BiPAP users. This merchandise is for the Information Card that is appropriate with all Phillips Respironics System One CPAP and BIPAP Devices. You realize it is time to do something about your obstructive sleep apnea, and resolve to spend money on a CPAP machine obtainable from trusted sellers on eBay. It is very important find one that best suits your needs, together with quiet machines that scale back noise while enhancing respiration consolation.

Numerous kinds of masks embrace cushions of gel and bubble, affect absorbing, cushions with a combination of gel and bubble, etc. The best c-pap masks for rookies can be nasal masks which supplies protection to the complete nostril and is secured with an elastic strap. C-pap machines are extremely useful for individuals with sleep apnea they usually present appreciable quantity of relaxation and luxury throughout sleep.

The issue with CPAP remedy is that not a lot of people are good about using it on a routine basis While I maintain that steady use is one of the best ways to utilize your CPAP machine, there might ultimately be another method to assist those affected by OSA: the mind. This is great information for those who reside with OSA as a result of a CPAP machine is about the least horny thing you could possibly bring into your bedroom. Any such therapy is still within the dream phase, so until it becomes a reality, I encourage people with OSA to stick with the machines. The CPAP machine is connected by a protracted flexible hose to headgear or face masks which you wear each night, all evening, whilst you sleep.

A CPAP masks that is too giant for your face can cause air to sneak out from the mask, thereby stopping sufficient air supply. ResMed, Fisher & Paykel, and Respironics are a few of the popular manufacturers that sell CPAP machines. The supply of features will depend upon the type and model of CPAP machine that you just buy. CPAP machines which have an information recording facility help you know whether there was any air leakage within the masks or irregular respiratory events the final evening. The altitude at which a CPAP machine operates also can affect the air pressure delivery system.

8 months ago

C-pap Machine- A Great Relief to People with Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a major ailment that is affecting millions today. Due to this form of sleep disorder, people often fail to get a good night sleep and therefore land up degrading their overall quality of life. Sleep apnea disrupts the breathing process during the sleep of a person and posses threats. It can either be obstructive or central sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when air is blocked from reaching the lings due to the collapse of the muscles of the throat during sleep. Central sleep apnea can be caused due to the disruption of the signals that the brain sends to the muscles controlling breathing. The common therapy that is recommended for such disorders is the use of C-pap machine. These machines basically provide the air which is pressurized during the sleep of a person with the help of a mask. These machines enable people with sleep apnea to breathe evenly and provide them with a good night sleep, thus preventing lethargy, anxiety and any form of depressions. Any form of breathing ailments, caused either due to smoking or sleep apnea can be attended very effectively by these machines.

For treating sleep apnea is it very important for people to find the best c-pap masks especially for the side sleepers. Various types of masks include cushions of gel and bubble, impact absorbing, cushions with a combination of gel and bubble, etc. nasal pillow is considered to the best for many people owing to their light weight. Such pillows are not very invasive and are very comfortable. While choosing the best c-pap masks, it is very important to keep in view the posture of sleeping, circumference of head and the patterns of breathing. The best c-pap masks for beginners would be nasal mask which provides coverage to the entire nose and is secured with an elastic strap. For mouth breathers, full face mask is the best option. The brands and models of different c-pap equipment are not the same as the requirement of treatment is different. Such equipments come either in automatic or standard options. Extra things like data cards and humidifiers can be added to them. The severity of the disorder is the main consideration here while choosing a unit.

C-pap machines are extremely beneficial for people with sleep apnea and they provide considerable amount of rest and comfort during sleep. It becomes extremely important for people to choose the correct machines so that the treatment is carried on smoothly without any form of health complications.

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9 months ago

Natural ways to treat acid reflux

Acid reflux is a common condition in which stomach acid regurgitates through a patients esophagus, causing a sensation in the chest thats commonly referred to as heartburn. Symptoms can vary and be treated with medicine, but sufferers should be aware of possible triggers, such as certain foods and types of clothing.

We recently received this question from a viewer:

Dear Dr. Manny,

I have been suffering from acid reflux for a while now, and I am sick of taking antacids. Is there anything else preventative that I can do for relief?



Thanks for your question, and the answer is yes. Patients can try a number of ways to keep acid reflux symptoms at bay without a prescription.

First, adjust your wardrobe to include more loose-fitting clothes. Extra pressure on the stomach makes it easier for acid to flow back into the esophagus.

Next, try adjusting meal sizes to be smaller. Overeating can make patients more susceptible to reflux, while smaller portions throughout the day can cut down on that risk.

Sufferers who are smokers have a number of reasons to quit the habit, but relieving acid reflux symptoms is another one. Nicotine weakens the muscles between the stomach and the esophagus that keep acid in the stomach. Plus, tobacco can cause the stomach to make too much acid.

Patients should also try to sit upright after a meal for at least three hours so the food can properly make its way throughout the digestive system.

Last, patients should work to identify their triggers. Knowing which foods cause reflux is crucial in alleviating symptoms. Some common culprits include fatty foods, spicy foods, caffeine, chocolate, citrus drinks and alcohol.

If symptoms do not improve over time, patients should consult their physician to discuss other options.

9 months ago

Sleep Apnea Linked to Depression

According to MSNBC and Myhealthnewsdailey Women with sleep apnea, in which breathing becomes shallow or pauses briefly during sleep, were 5.2 times as likely to have depression compared with women without the condition. Almost 20 million Americans experience daytime sleepiness due to sleep apnea and sleep disturbances. Sleep apnea can also cause hypertension, coronary heart disease, pulmonary hypertension, diabetes, congestive heart failure, stroke, neuropsychiatric problems, sexual dysfunction, and injury due to accidents from being sleepy during the daytime.

Take heart though there are treatment for sleep apnea that can help of eliminate it;

Weight loss and exercise. The release of the endorphins also helps with depression.CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) CPAP Machine is a breathing machine that releases a steady flow of air when worn.Avoid caffeine and heavy meals especially before bedQuit smoking if you are a smokerOpen up your nasal passages; using a nasal dilator, saline spray, breathing strips, or a neti pot.Nasal surgery to remove polyps or straighten a crooked partition between your nostrils (deviated nasal septum)Surgery to remove enlarged tonsils or adenoids.

Unfortunately, many of the above changes are lifestyle changes which can be difficult to adopt forever and consistently. To stop drinking, stop taking sedatives before bedtime, stop smoking, stop overeating and exercise many be a lot to take in all at once. Perhaps making small positive lifestyle changes dailey can make a huge difference over time. Sleep apnea can be life threatening so think of it as saving your life and improving the overall quality of your life.

9 months ago

Treatment For Snoring Toddlers

CPAP or steady optimistic airway pressure masks and headgear usually are not one thing you get used to in a single day, or over a number of nights. Transcend EZEX is a completely-featured CPAP with EZEX technology that provides stress aid on exhalation for more respiration consolation. Transcend is the primary portable CPAP machine designed completely round consumer way of life to present CPAP users the freedom to sleep wherever. These small, light-weight portable CPAP gadgets are about the measurement of a soda can and have portable battery options the scale of a deck of playing cards for simple packing and toting. Sleeping on your side as a substitute of your again, perhaps with the ass

9 months ago

CPAP & Sleep Apnea Blog


The IntelliPAP 2 AutoAdjust CPAP is an intelligent, travel-sized CPAP machine offering advanced comfort features that can help assist in establishing a more comfortable and successful therapy. Our Product Analysts, Chris and Ashley, are product experts. We invite you to read their responses to frequently asked IntelliPAP 2 questions:


9 months ago

10 Tips To Prevent Snoring

Poor sleep, daytime fatigue, irritability and increased health problems are serious disadvantages that snoring can bring about to a snorer and his or her partner. In fact, the snorer may be the only person in his household getting enough sleep at night. And if your snoring frequently interrupts your partner's rest, it can also create major relationship problems.

Many people think of sleeping in separate bedroom as a remedy for snoring. The good news is that lifestyle changes as well as medical advances can minimize your snoring problem.

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11 months ago

Orange Business Services and Weinmann develop homecareONLINE, an end-to-end telemedicine solution for sleep apnea patients

PARIS & HAMBURG, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In close cooperation, Orange Business Services and Weinmann, a global manufacturer of therapeutic system solutions in sleep medicine and ventilation, have developed homecareONLINE, a fully-integrated, end-to-end connected medical device solution for sleep therapy. This solution will be first commercialized in France starting October 2013.

Sleep apnea effects can be improved by CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) devices prescribe

11 months ago

People with severe sleep apnea five times more likely to die from cancer, study shows

sleep, sleeping, face down, rest, tired, woman, generic, stock


(CBS News) Sleep apnea is a problem that goes well beyond annoying your partner with loud snoring. Research is showing it can raise risk for heart attacks, stroke and diabetes. Now, a new study finds it can make a person five times more likely to die from cancer.

Snoring, mouth-breathing tots more likely to develop behavioral problems

Sleep apnea CPAP treatment may lower heart disease, diabetes risk

For the study, which will be published in an upcoming issue of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, researchers collaborated with Spanish scientists to examine 22-year mortality data on 1,522 people enrolled in a long-running "Wisconsin Sleep Cohort" study. The data looked at Washington state employees since 1989.

Every four years, the subjects underwent overnight sleep studies, including a polysomnography - an all-night recording of sleep and breathing. The researchers determined - after accounting for other risk factors like smoking and obesity - that people with severe sleep apnea were 4.8 times more likely to die from cancer. The association was stronger among non-obese subjects, compared with obese ones.

The study was a collaboration with other research from the University of Barcelona, that found inadequate oxygen - which is indicative of sleep apnea and sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) - could increase tumor growth in mice. Like the human study, the effect was stronger in lean mice, compared with obese ones.

"Clearly, there is a correlation, and we are a long way from proving that sleep apnea causes cancer or contributes to its growth," study author Dr. F. Javier Nieto, chair of the department of population health sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, said in a news release. "But animal studies have shown that the intermittent hypoxia (an inadequate supply of oxygen) that characterizes sleep apnea promotes angiogenesis--increased vascular growth--and tumor growth. Our results suggest that SDB is also associated with an increased risk of cancer mortality in humans."

About 28 million Americans have sleep apnea, The New York Times reported, but many cases go undiagnosed.

"This is really big news," Dr. Joseph Golish, a professor of sleep medicine with the MetroHealth System in Cleveland who was not involved in the research, told the Times. "It's the first time this has been shown, and it looks like a very solid association," he said. "Until disproven, it would be one more reason to get your apnea treated or to get it diagnosed if you think you might have it."

Dr. Steven Park, a sleep medicine specialist and otorhinolaryngologist at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City and was not involved in the new study, told HealthDay that he wasn't surprised by the findings.

"This goes along with the link between sleep apnea and pretty much every chronic medical condition out there," Park said

Symptoms of sleep apnea include excessive sleepiness during the day, loud snoring, observed episodes of stopping breathing during sleep, waking up with a dry mouth and/or morning headaches or insomnia, according to the Mayo Clinic. Not everyone who snores has sleep apnea so talk to your doctor if you are feeling fatigued, sleepy and irritable.

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